Alcatel L800 4G USB dongle setup with the Vigor 2860

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The Vigor 2860 series routers have two USB ports that can be used for 3G/4G connectivity via a USB modem (they can also be used for USB Printing, USB Thermometer or NAS functionality too !). This article explains how to setup the Vigor 2860 for use with an Alcatel L800 4G USB dongle. A really important step in the cfg that's different from the 3G USB dongles is the Vigro 2860 can't be left on it's default IP Address, but this is explained in full in the article.

The Alcatel L800 4G USB dongle is supported in firmware and later.



Vigor 2860 Setup for usage with the Alcatel L800 4G USB dongle


Read before inserting the 4G USB dongle

The IP Address of the Vigor 2860 needs to be changed when configuring it to be used with the Alcatel L800 4G USB dongle. The IP Address change is required beacuse the Alcatel L800 4G USB dongle, by default, uses the same IP address as the routers default IP address. If the two devices were left on the same IP Address then this would create an IP Address conflict and a routing issue.


Log into the routers Web UI on and go to [LAN] > [General Setup] > [LAN1]

The IP Address adress field controls the routers LAN1 IP Address. Change this to the IP Address that is required, in the example below the routers IP Address has been changed to, and click OK to save the settings. You will be prompted to reboot the router. After the router has rebooted to get into the routers Web UI the new IP Address should be used (for example and the PC must also be on the same IP Address range (The PC IP must be 192.168.10.x) so it may be helpful to first set the PC's IP Address to DHCP prior to making any changes.



After setting the LAN IP address, restarting the router and logging back intot he Web UI on the new IP Address we're now ready to configure the USB settings.


Go to [WAN] > [Internet Access] and set either WAN3 or WAN4 (WAN3 is the top USB port, WAN4 is the bottom USB port - depending on which port the USB dongle will be connected to) to 4G USB Modem.




Select the [Details Page] button


Enable 4G USB Modem (DHCP Mode) and click OK.

No other changes are required on the rest of the settings on this screen, unless the a pin has been set on the sim card, in which case enter the new pin in the appropriate field. Click [OK]. and insert the Alcatel L800 4G USB dongle.


The connection status can be checked via the [online status] > [Physical Connection] page.



Please note that the signal strength reporting is not supported in the and support for this reporting may be added in a future firmware version.